The 7 Dzmebi Kakabadzeebi courtyard staircase is one of the most iconic 19th-Century structures in Tbilisi, Georgia. The construction stands dilapidated and near collapse, as one of the last wooden spiral staircases in the city. It has been featured in classic Georgian cinema, most notably in the film The Last Day, The First Day (დღე უკანასკნელი, დღე პირველი), which presented a series of significant 19th and 20th century staircases.

Due to a lack of funds and the complexity of its construction, the residents have been unable to maintain the staircase for several decades. Now with the staircase in an urgent condition, a conservation plan is not within the means of residents, even though some neighbors rely on the structure to access their homes. This presents the issue of losing valuable cultural heritage in a city which is rapidly losing its historical character, and an evident hazard to the community.

photographs © gio sumbadze

Since our project has been recently approved by both the municipal cultural heritage and architectural departments, our plan is to complete the project in Autumn 2021. We are organizing a conservation workshop in partnership with residents, carpenters, local architects, and conservationists. The workshop will be held with the support of the Georgian chapter of the European Architecture Student’s Assembly (EASA), MAUDI, and ICOMOS Georgia. If you would like to participate as a volunteer, please contact us.

As our project calls for collective involvement of the local and international community, we need your support to complete the project. Please help us save this staircase by following the SUPPORT page.

Full documentation submitted to Tbilisi City Hall and approved in August 2021:

Historical Survey Color Survey Geological Survey Topographic Survey Structural Survey Architectural Project Renderings Methods Statement

Drawings completed by Francesca Crotti, Luka Gudushauri, Thomas Ibrahim, Martynas Kilius, Givi Machavariani, and Turan Ziaiemehr. Structural Engineer: Boris Dgebuadze. Geologist: Guram Rustamov. Art Historian: Kristine Darchia. Chemical (Color) Survey Specialist: Nutsa Papiashvili. Topographic Surveyor: Zaza Samxaradze.